State of Tennessee

Court Ticket Disposition Reporting System
Information and Instructions


Thanks for your interest in the Court Reporting (Ticket Disposition) System.

The Tennessee Department of Safety (TDOS) is working with the Courts of Tennessee to process electronic ticket dispositions from across the entire state. Your involvement will be a great boost to the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the state's data quality triangle.

Please review the attached document that outlines your Court's involvement. The Security Agreement is essential to the implementation of this program and must be submitted by your Court for access to the system.

1.   Submit a separate agreement form for every staff member who will be able to enter or maintain your court’s disposition records.

2.   For each user, indicate whether this person has rights to change the information for the court (address, clerk’s name, etc.)

3.   Print the form when the information is completed.

4.   Each user must sign his / her form in the User Signature block.

5.   The Court Clerk must sign the form for each user indicating his / her concurrence for the administrative rights to view / change the court information.

6.   Fax the completed and signed form to 615-401-6786.

7.   If you have not been contacted by a Dept. of Safety administrator within three business days of submitting the form(s), call us at 615-251-5231.

8.   Feel free to call us any time you have questions about accessing the system.


State of Tennessee

Court Ticket Disposition Reporting System
Access Security Agreement


I hereby acknowledge upon receipt of my computer access code(s) and my use of them demonstrates my agreement to the following guidelines:

1.   I shall maintain confidential all computer information and resources to which I have access or control.

2.   I shall take appropriate measures to safeguard and protect the information and computer resources of the State of Tennessee that are made available to me.

3.   I shall use the information and computer resources only for authorized State of Tennessee business and not disclose any information or documentation obtained from, or pertaining to, the State’s computer system(s) to any third party, except in the routine lawful conduct of the State’s business.

4.   I shall be accountable for and accept full responsibility for all transactions performed using my computer access codes.

5.   I shall maintain all computer access codes in the strictest of confidence; immediately change them if I suspect their secrecy has been compromised, and report suspected misuse to the respective Security Administrator.

I have read and agree to comply with the guidelines set forth above.

I understand willful violation of, or disregard for, any of these guidelines may result in termination of my business relationship with the State of Tennessee and possible prosecution under the provision of the Computer Crimes Act as cited at TCA 39-14-601 et seq.







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